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First, I would like to thank those who contributed with this project: Carmela Caldart for the beautiful illustrations, Célia Hueck for the photos taken with such care and Ramon Luz for the tireless work on the videos. Thank you so, so much.


Another special "thank you" goes to Prof. Dr. Gülay Çaglar, my generous mentor as a German Chancellor Fellow. These fifteen months at the Gender and Diversity Department have been unbelievably inspiring and mind-opening. I am grateful for her great team, as well.

To all men depicted here and so many more who agreed talking to me about fatherhood: thank you. I really believe this is how we change things.

I thank Jennifer Chan de Avila, Marlene Gómez Becerra, Anemeri Bennemann Frohberg, Marcella Chartier, Martha Lopes, Marilia Moschkovich, Túlio Custódio, Rodolfo França, Leandro Ziotto, Ana Laura Castro. To all 2018 Bukas.

And I am especially grateful to Fred Di Giacomo, my partner in the almost impossible mission that is trying to raise a child in a more equal way - we had no idea it would be so hard when we started it, four years ago. This project wouldn't have been possible without you.

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