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GIVE ME A BREAK is a project in favor of parental leave – an extended paid leave available to mothers, fathers or caregivers after the birth of a child. The idea is that childcare should be shared by men and women, as well as societies. Parental leave has positive effects on children's development, the division of domestic work and gender equality.


Karin Hueck is a Brazilian writer and journalist. She is a former editor at Superinteressante magazine and has written for Brazil’s biggest media outlets, as well as, Plan International. She is currently a columnist at ME DÁ LICENÇA is part of her research project at German Chancellor Fellowship, an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation iniciative. Over the course of 15 months, she has researched parental leave models and family policies at the Gender and Diversity Department at Freie Universität Berlin. - @karinhueck

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